Affordable and User-Friendly Graphic Design Tools

Quality, eye-catching designs draw consumers to a product, but the software used to create these designs can be expensive. If you’d like to up your design game but aren’t sure where to start, here are some resourceful easy-to-use online graphic design options that you can use to produce high-quality graphics without burning a hole in your wallet.

Creating Videos


Research shows that by 2021, 82 percent of internet traffic will be through consumers watching videos with 70 percent of consumers saying they have shared a brand’s video and 72 percent of businesses saying video has improved their conversion rate (the percentage of visitors to their website). Video is and will continue to be a leading marketing tool, but it can cost a pretty penny to add this tool to your toolbox.

Enter Lumen5! You provide a blog post or text you’ve already drafted, and Lumen5 creates a video using artificial intelligence (AI). With an extensive library of photos, videos, music and GIFs, as well as simple yet stunning themes to choose from, users can craft video content almost effortlessly.

Lumen5: video creation platform driven by A.I. from Lumen5 on Vimeo.

Here’s a project we did for a client using Lumen5:

Creating Animated Graphics


Sometimes, using animated graphics or GIFs can engage audiences more than a static photo. Crello enables users to create exciting graphics thanks to their image archive that includes more than 300 fonts, 12,000 templates, and 65 million files. Crello’s pre-crafted templates make creating graphics as easy as drag-and-drop. The templates are organized into theme collections to inspire and streamline your process when creating graphics.

Here’s a short video about using Crello:

Here’s a sample graphic we created using Crello:

Creating Static Graphics


Sometimes a simple, striking visual graphic is all you need to catch a viewer’s attention. Canva makes it possible to create these graphics with the help of hundreds of free design elements and print, digital and social media templates. Canva also works as a graphics resizer, color palette generator, font selection tool, photo collage assembler and infographic maker. No matter your graphic design experience or why you’re using it, Canva provides an ideal experience for creating attention-getting graphics that meet every person’s design needs. Perhaps most important for many users, Canva is mobile-friendly and available in all app stores.

Here are some graphics we’ve created using Canva: