Ask Vanguardians: What’s the Key to a Work-Life Balance?

Did you know that nearly 40% of the U.S. workforce did not take any personal time off in the last 12 months? Or that about half of employees report being burnt out? 

As the year progresses and our team prepares for the demands of the coming months, it can be easy for the lines to get blurred when it comes to maintaining a work-life balance. With this in mind, I took the opportunity to ask my coworkers about their tips and tricks to unblur the lines between work and their personal lives.  

Allison Gross, Associate Director  

“Ways I destress after work: Hang out with my son Asher, work out (Peloton and lift weights) and cook dinner.” 


Brenda Foster, Senior Vice President  

“I set aside half an hour a day for exercise, a walk or meditation — and I try to stick to that at least three days a week! I block off a couple of hours a day on my calendar that will always be free so that I can concentrate on projects and deadlines without interruption. I bring my dog to work every day (she has a heated pad under my desk).” 


Chantelle Polite, Assistant Account Executive  

Do early morning workouts or afternoon walks to manage any stress.” 


Crystal Borde, Vice President  

“Hobbies can be a wonderful stress reliever. It may take people a while to discover their extracurricular interests, but once you do, spending time every week on your hobby can be so rejuvenating and good for your mental health. I love nature photography and spend time daily and weekly planning photo excursions…” 


Erika Gaitan, Assistant Account Executive  

“After work I go to the gym or on a run and listen to a podcast or a happy playlist. During work I enjoy eating lunch outside, especially away from my desk!” 


Kisha Dean, Staff Accountant  

“I am notorious for sitting at my desk all day except for lunch time. So, in order to ensure that I take my two 15-minute breaks, I set an alarm on my cell phone, one for 10:15ish and one for 3:30ish.” 


LeAnne DeFrancesco, Vice President  

“One thing I do is make a list at the end of the day containing the things I didn’t get to that need to be addressed the following day…Writing it down gives my subconscious ‘space’ and kind of permission to think about non-work things.” 


Linda Sabelhaus, Account Supervisor  

“I crochet!” 


Lisa Swanberg, Senior Vice President  

“A few ways I destress after work include calling a friend or family member that I haven’t talked to in a while (old school style — we actually talk, not text!), read recipes (reading them doesn’t mean I have to actually cook them!) and clean a junk drawer or closet (provides a great sense of accomplishment!”  


Savannah Young, Account Manager  

“I make sure to do a yoga class three times a week. This is a great way to relax and focus on my own self care for an hour, without my phone or laptop nearby to distract me.” 


Shannon Walsh, Senior Account Supervisor 

“Here are a couple of ways I decompress after work: listen to a podcast while going for a walk outside, do an at-home workout in the evening, have a family meal at dinner and read a good book before bed.” 


In a world where work often encroaches on our personal lives, it’s important to reevaluate our approach in achieving a healthy work-life balance and make it a priority. By incorporating just one or two of these thoughtful practices, we can prioritize well-being and unlock the balance we all deserve.