Branding for Social Change

Breakfast Club

Remember that iconic ’80s movie classic, The Breakfast Club?

As viewers, we identified with the personal brands represented by filmmaker and screenwriter John Hughes’ memorable characters. Hughes took a collection of personality labels (a.k.a. personal brands), dressed them up, put them together in a high school library for a Saturday detention session and let them fight it out. And they still resonate today.

What was your Breakfast Club brand? We’re you a Bender, an Andy, a Claire, an Allison or a Brian?
Branding for Social Change
Branding for social change is very similar to The Breakfast Club. We are all looking for a brand for our causes and organizations that will be relevant and memorable, personal and engaging. And years from now, we still want our brands to resonate just like The Breakfast Club.

VC Purple Paper Branding

Our 2013 Purple Paper™, “Branding for Social Change,” is a simple, accessible and engaging resource that can help fellow social change advocates understand how to build and maintain a strong brand for your organization, campaign or event.

In our experience, good branding is just as important for mission-focused entities striving for social change as it is for the corporate world. Because no matter how you slice it, a brand is a promise an organization makes to its constituents – and it must deliver on that promise via programs and services.

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