Building Relationships with Bloggers

The Vanguard digital team attended the “Power of Blogging” panel during the Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media Conference this morning, to get some great information on everything from determining the best ways to connect with influencers to implementing promotion strategies.

One of the topics that came up was best strategies for creating relationships with bloggers and other influencers.

Social media is about communities interacting and blogging. Like the rest of the social media sphere, it’s about relationships. Bloggers depend on the relationships between their communities and themselves.

As PR and marketing professionals, we often depend on bloggers to help us reach our target audiences with our message.

Lizza, of the XOXO Lizza fame, was one panelists at the “Power of Blogging.” Her advice when approaching bloggers to partner on campaigns is to always start with building a relationship on a foundation of trust.

She and Migdalia Rivera, founder of Latina on a Mission and Associate Campaign director of Mom’s Rising, had a few great pieces of advice when approaching a blogger with a digital campaign idea:

  • Put in the time to build a relationship — Bloggers need to be able to trust you.
  • Never address an email to “Dear Blogger,” “Dear Name of Blog,” etc. — Bloggers who see this don’t think you’ve put in the effort and don’t view them as professionals. You don’t want your organization to get put on the blogger black list (they exist!).
  • Be genuine — bloggers like to know that you’re a real person. When performing initial outreach, don’t be afraid to contact them from your personal social media accounts (just make sure you tag your organization and your bio says who you work for).
  • Do your research — If you say in your outreach that you read their blog, make sure you’ve actually read their blog. This will help you avoid obvious mistakes like addressing them by their handle and not their name, as well as getting a better feel regarding whether or not they’ll want to share your campaign message.

The key point of the panel was that bloggers are (shockingly) people. They like to be treated like people, not as an anonymous means to an end. They also like to be treated like professionals. It should go without saying, but treat bloggers like you would treat any other potential business associate: with respect.