National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Communicating About Climate Challenges

When you’re working to keep the public informed about the changing environment around them, clear communication is key. NOAA sought our expertise to hone their skills, which resulted in a three-day virtual training on strategic communications planning. Vanguard prepared a customized distance learning curriculum for NOAA participants that explored the process in-depth, provided small group exercises, and supported collaboration. We also supplied a plan template and feedback for participants to ensure they will meet their communications goals. After the training, NOAA staff understood the nuts and bolts of how to develop a communications strategy for an individual office within a larger organization, including how to identify goals and objectives, key audiences, and effective messages. Equipped with the secrets for saving planning time and resources, as well as strategies for implementing a plan with measurable results, NOAA is prepared to educate their audiences about the crucial work they do to better understand our natural world and help protect its resources.