Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT)

Food Animal Concerns Trust acronym in dark blue with a cow and chicken within the letters

Promoting Safe and Healthy Food

FACT envisions a world in which all farm animals are treated humanely and healthy food is available for everyone. Vanguard worked with FACT to increase awareness about antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” and carcinogenic chemicals in the animal feed of factory farms — which can pose risks for people, animals and the environment. Our support ranged from strategic communications and campaign planning to creative content development to integrated media. We developed and placed op-eds, as well as coordinated an interview tour resulting in 13 placements with radio and podcast hosts and a feature in Grit Magazine. We also collaborated on a Healthy and Humane Food Video Series featuring content that outlined the risks of carcinogens in food such as carbadox, the importance of certified labels on meats in supermarkets and the responsible use of antibiotics in farming. These efforts culminated in the video series winning a Bronze Telly Award and a Silver Davey Award in 2023, as well as the Food and Drug Administration publishing its intent to withdraw approval of the carcinogenic drugs.