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Advocating for the Mental Wellbeing of Men and Boys

Men and boys are often left out of the conversation or appear in limited and very specific circumstances — usually of a negative nature ripe with stereotypes — when it comes to media coverage of their mental health issues. In partnership with the University of South Florida on the Making Connections for Mental Health and Wellbeing Among Men and Boys Initiative, which is funded by the Movember Foundation in collaboration with the Prevention Institute, Vanguard is leading the integrated media analysis assessment component of a five-year national impact evaluation to understand how earned and shared media discusses this issue and where opportunities may exist to set the record straight. Each year, our team assesses the prevalence, tone, keywords, geographic location and audience demographics of media coverage and conversations about the mental wellbeing of men and boys. Our strategists apply this knowledge to recommend how community-based organizations and advocates can better communicate about the real experiences of men and boys with mental health needs.