Communicator of the Month: Maria Luisa Bemberg — Fair Feminist

“Women’s intellectual awakening — the awareness of their millenarian passiveness — is the most exciting rebellion of the Century.”  — María Luisa Bemberg

Our Communicator of the Month series showcases individuals who have used communications to work for a better future. In 2013, we’re celebrating filmmakers whose larger-than-life characters and places, both real and imagined, have helped us to value and fight for human rights, environmental protection, gender and racial equity, and world peace.

Born in Argentina in 1922, María Luisa Bemberg was an ardent supporter of women’s rights and a voice of empowerment. She was one of the most popular and subversive Argentine directors of the 20th century.

Her first film, “Momentos,” was released in 1980, and her biggest success would come three years later with “Camila,” which was nominated for an Academy Award.

Bemberg’s films covered issues related to relationships, independence and place in society. Many of her films were a social commentary on the oppression of women and tackled issues related to love and controversial relationships.

She co-founded UFA (Unión Feminista Argentina) in 1971, an organization aimed at raising awareness about women’s position in society and the traditional roles that restrict women.

Bemberg died in May 1995.