Design is in the Air

We wanted to take a moment to thank our clients for letting us take creative risks. Because of them, we’re able to push the envelope, embrace cutting-edge capabilities, transition traditional products into digital ones … and the field of graphic design is noticing.

This past month, much of our recent design work was recognized with GDUSA (Graphic Design USA) awards. For more than 50 years, GDUSA has been the go-to information source for graphic design professionals, including Vanguard’s in-house creatives.

First, we won four American Graphic Design Awards. Nearly 10,000 entries were submitted in the 53rd Annual GDUSA competition, and only a highly selective 15 percent were recognized as winners. We are so pleased to have won awards for the following client collaborations:

1. Farm Aid‘s 2015 “Film 2 Farm Aid” poster series (proves that design + humor is a winning combination)

Farm Aid Filmfest Posters

2. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Voice Awards 2016 program partner web portal (goodbye print brochure)

Voice Awards Partner Portal

3. SAMHSA’s Voice Awards 2016 social media animated GIF (did we mention this is the first GIF that the client ever shared on social media?)



4. SAMHSA’s Voice Awards program partner e-kit (going digital = save a tree!)

[joomag width=917 height=300 title=2016-voice-awards-partner-kit magazineId=0209608001461186605 pageNumber=1 theme=293042,151b26,ffffff,ffe358,ffffff ]
In addition, Vanguard and our clients won three design awards in GDUSA’s category of Health + Wellness, which they like to call “the hottest topic in the news and the fastest growing segment of the economy”:

1. WomenHeart‘s Women and AFib infographic (all you need to know about atrial fibrillation in a heartbeat)

WomenHeart’s Women and AFib infographic

2. American Psychological Association‘s “For a Healthy Mind and Body, Talk to a Psychologist” brochure (print works for many audiences)

APA Talk Brochure

3. SAMHSA’s Voice Awards 2016 program partner e-kit (bridges the print and digital worlds)

Want to know what makes us tick? Check out a video we produced for Live Creative Day about our Design + Editorial team: