Digital & Video Strategy

Digital strategies are no longer simply components of a communications effort but in some cases are the entire scope, and for good reason. According to Nielsen, U.S. adults spend about 11 hours each day interacting with media — much of it now on screens. Video is an important part of this equation, especially when you consider that three out of five people would rather watch online videos than television, and half of Gen Zers and millennials say they don’t know how they’d get through life without video.

With so much happening online, it can be hard to know what strategies to employ to reach and engage audiences around social issues. That’s where Vanguard can help. We evaluate our clients’ goals and audiences to determine where digital tactics and video assets can achieve the most impact. Then we monitor, refine and optimize our approaches to ensure success.

Digital and Video Strategy Services

  • Digital marketing and advertising
  • Social media strategy and community management
  • Social media listening, monitoring and analysis
  • Web content development and design
  • Web site audits
  • Web traffic analysis
  • Video storyboarding and scripting
  • Production scheduling and photo releases
  • On-site filming
  • Video editing, graphics development and translation
  • GIFs and video animation
  • Video promotion

Client Highlights and Blog Posts

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