Evaluating for Social Change

What have you done for me lately?

In the cause communications world it is a question we ask and get often. And yes, it’s a tough one. However, we believe communicators have a powerful tool at their disposal — evaluation. Evaluation can help us answer this question in a meaningful way that demonstrates the effectiveness of our work to change minds, shift attitudes and motivate action.

Evaluation Social Change

It’s hard to argue about the value of evaluation. Who doesn’t want to know if what they are doing is effective? Often what stands in the way, however, is time, money or both.

VC Purple Paper Evaluating Social Change
That’s why in 2012 Vanguard introduced our first Purple Paper™, “Evaluating Social Change,” in an ongoing series dedicated to common communications challenges. We hope our take on evaluation (fueled by our signature purple passion) paves the way for you to uncover the nuggets of information that show your work is making a difference … and equips you with a meaningful response the next time someone wants to know what you’ve done for them lately.

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