InSites for PR Graduates: On-the-Job Experience Can Help You in Your Future Job Searches

I may only be a few weeks into my summer internship, but I’m already thinking about how I can translate my experiences into my future job search. While my experiences this summer are in the PR industry, I know that the skills I’m learning will help me land my dream job regardless of the field I end up in.

Never stop learning new skills — I have learned that, while many staff members may have their specialties, such as web design or social media, everyone has expansive areas of expertise. They are also constantly gaining a variety of communications skills that may once have seemed foreign; in PR there is no such thing as doing one type of work.

My advice to college graduates (and soon-to-be graduates) is to branch out of your “specialty” and learn tools you may be less proficient in. You will become versatile, and that’s something every employer is looking for! Make sure that you include these various skills and experiences on your résumé and in your cover letter.

Mistakes happen but solutions are limitless — At a recent meeting everyone was asked to share challenges they have had during projects. Many shared stories of when problems arose, but they were able to come up with a solution and avert the crisis. This meeting made everyone aware of potential issues and helped them learn from each other’s experiences. In the PR world, as in any field, you will experience bumps in the road, but you must use those as learning opportunities rather than road blocks.

When you land an interview for your dream job, make sure you talk about challenges you’ve faced at other jobs or internships, and the solutions that you came up with to avoid a crisis. You want to show future employers that you are a problem-solver who they can count on to focus on solutions during a crisis.

Lastly, I’d advise you to always keep your eyes, ears and minds open! The opportunities at hand are endless; the key is to take advantage of them.