Reflecting on Our 2019 Resolutions

December is a time when many of us reflect on the resolutions we set at the beginning of the year. Did you get more exercise?  Did you go to that museum you planned to visit? Did you spend more time with family? We often start the year bright-eyed and ready for new beginnings, but many of us might find it difficult to stick to our resolutions throughout the year. When we do succeed with our resolutions, though, we should give ourselves a pat on the back! Whether you resolved to exercise more, explore your city, or learn a new hobby, no resolution is too small. Resolutions are an opportunity to grow and continue learning, no matter how old we are.

With the end of the year fast approaching, we asked Vanguard staff members, “What resolutions did you set at the beginning of this year? Did you follow through?” Here’s what a few of them said.

Anna Verhanovitz, Resource Specialist/Communications Associate

“This year, I made a resolution to get more sleep. This one was a hard one for me since I am a night owl and dislike mornings. Between work and school, finding that balance is tough. But I know the importance of a good night’s rest. While I still have a couple late nights, I already can tell the difference in my physical and mental health by consistently getting a good night’s sleep.”

Brittany Vanderpool, Senior Event Manager/Senior Account Manager

“In 2019, I pushed myself to make my mental health and self-care a priority. I know that working out is a great stress reliever for me, so I strived to work out 2 or 3 times per week. I injured myself running a half marathon in late 2018, but I didn’t want that to hold me back. I leaned on friends and my gym families to hold me accountable. While I didn’t run any half marathons this year, I never fell off the train and have managed to stay injury free.” 

Catie Carreras, Senior Editorial Associate

“I met my resolution of finally getting my own apartment! It wasn’t an easy change, but I did it!”

LeAnne DeFrancesco, Vice President

“I made a resolution to listen to my kids more. It’s easy to tune them out when you are juggling so much. But I find myself more and more saying, ‘Hold that thought. I want to be sure I give you my full attention,’ and then I do!”

Lisa Swanberg, Senior Vice President

“I set my goal low this year so that it was achievable. My goal was a very small thing but very hard for me to do. I made those doctor appointments that I had been dreading making for a long time and knew I had to do it. So, I did it, and I’m glad it’s done. More important, I am healthy and am taking charge of my health by scheduling preventative procedures. For me, one less thing to worry about is a good thing!”

Sharon Cummins, Resource Specialist

“One resolution I made was to keep track of the food I eat through an app on my phone. The resolution was not to stick to a diet or lose a specific number of pounds – resolutions that have been hard for me to keep in the past – but rather just to monitor what I was consuming, so I was informed of my eating choices in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have managed to do well with it over the past year.”

Tomás Harmon, Account Manager

“My resolution for the year was to get a new job. And I did! And I’m very happy here at Vanguard.”