Social Media Innovation to Benefit Nonprofits — With Google Picking Up the Tab

YouTube Donation Cards

The stats are out there: Donors watch videos before they donate. BUT, and there’s a but …

Videos usually sit in one place on an organization’s website or better yet, on their YouTube channel, which can be disconnected from where donation pages live.

Linking the two seems simple enough, but the user experience can get clunky and require too many clicks. This can lead a user to just watch videos instead of moving on to a donation page. The result? The full potential of an organization’s donation strategy (and investment in their video) is never fully realized.

Until now.

There’s a new YouTube feature worth knowing about if you’re a nonprofit, especially since Google is picking up the tab—donation cards. This feature positions YouTube to become a peer-to-peer fundraising platform. Definitely worth knowing about, as donations can now happen without someone ever needing to leave YouTube.

Learn more about creating YouTube donation cards.