VC Digital Bytes: July 27, 2018

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Digital Bytes

It was a tough week for Facebook. While users remain stagnant in the U.S., the platform lost users in Europe and saw slowed revenue. This caused the largest single-day drop in market value in U.S. history of $100 billion. The question of why has yet to be answered, but most likely is related to the new GDPR rules and Facebook’s many recent scandals. The good news for Facebook? It has other products under its umbrella (Instagram and SnapChat for starters), so any decline in Facebook users is generally absorbed by increased usage of other products.

In other news …

Fun Resources

  • Ad Espresso has a round-up of insights and best practices through an analysis of a whopping 752,626 Facebook ads. One of the insights is to keep Facebook headlines to five words – short and sweet!
  • IGTV is here, and Social Media Today explains how and what to post if you are taking the plunge into Instagram’s live video platform.

Finally …

New York Magazine has a nice breakdown of Twitter’s recent “shadowban” controversy, and in it provides an excellent definition of the term for those who aren’t familiar.