VC Digital Bytes: June 15, 2018

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Digital Bytes

Reuters published the results of a study on Wednesday showing that news consumption by U.S. adults on Facebook has fallen 9 percent in just one year, with an even more drastic decline among teenagers, by 20 percent. A decline in news consumption on the platform could lead to fewer advertising dollars if news outlets opt to advertise on different platforms where people read news more often.

Do you get news on Facebook? I prefer Twitter and Google News – Twitter for the immediacy and brief analyses and Google News for the breadth of outlets available. I get news on Facebook sometimes, but it’s cluttered between friends’ and brands’ posts to the point where I don’t find breaking news or relevant, interesting articles.

In other news …

Fun Resource

Copy writers use questions in social media posts, headlines and other materials to draw a reader into a topic. But what makes a good question? Copyblogger shares best practices and discusses why simple yes/no questions don’t get much engagement.

Finally …

Oh, to be an Instagram influencer. You get constant freebies and attention, but it comes at the cost of privacy and, most likely, includes online harassment. But now some of the freebies could be coming to an end. Yesterday, The Atlantic discussed how Instagram influencers are impacting the hotel industry and why some hotels are opting out of providing free rooms in exchange for posts.