Website Tricks and Treats!

website tricks and treats

Happy Halloween! In the spirit of the season, below are five website tricks and treats to keep your website free of ghosts and goblins.

1. Ditch the carousel

Instead of asking users to wait or click for featured content on your website via a rotating carousel, choose the most important message or call to action for the page and give it as much real estate as possible.

2. Repurpose content

Don’t be spooked to repurpose blog posts. As fresh audiences come in over time, older content can be updated and re-posted since it will be new and engaging to them.

3. Design with diversity

Get smart! Find out how to incorporate more diversity in photography and symbolism on your website.

4. HTTPS matters

Not only does having “https” in front of your website URL boost security, it also increases your search results ranking in Google.

5. Get certified

Google offers a free certification on all things analytics. Learn how you can make data-informed decisions about future website updates and content.