A Look Back at Our 2019 Calendar: Women Advocating for Women

Vanguard Communications has long been inspired by courageous women of all backgrounds who have worked to make our world more equal and inclusive.

In our 2019 calendar, we highlighted 12 revolutionary individuals who led the fight for fairness and inspired hope and action in countless others who have watched their efforts from both near and afar. Whether supporting women’s rights to pursue an education or make their own reproductive choices, to hold a seat in Congress or earn equal pay, the women featured were at the forefront of progressive thinking, protesting the lack of representation of female voices in our nation. Their dedication to social justice reform and the creation of equal opportunities for women in all aspects of society is the reason that women today are leading in many sectors.

Below is a recap of all the blog posts that highlighted these women, in case you missed one!


To kick off 2019, we introduced you to Egalitarian Editor Amelia Bloomer. Although she was well known for supporting gender equality with her progressive adoption of less restrictive clothing styles for women, her involvement in social activism did not stop there. Learn more about how she founded the first newspaper for women’s rights issues.


In February, we spotlighted Medical Maven Elizabeth Blackwell. As a pioneer for women in medicine, Blackwell used her communication and advocacy skills to bring attention to women’s rights issues. Learn more about how she inspired change and increased awareness about the importance of an inclusive society.


In March, we honored Trailblazing Trooper Juliette Gordon Low. As the founder of the Girl Scouts, she empowered girls to reach their full potential and fostered an inclusive place where they could grow as individuals. Learn more about how her vision of promoting courage, confidence and character in girls is kept alive today.


In April, we showcased Workers’ Rights Reformer Luisa Capetillo. She dedicated herself to advocating for the rights of the working class at the start of Puerto Rico’s industrialization, writing literature in support of strikes and to educate the masses. Learn more about how she showed courage and passion as an activist to challenge mainstream ways of thinking.

Luisa Capetillo


In May, we spotlighted Equality Enthusiast Alicia Dickerson Montemayor. Montemayor used the power of communications to advocate for equality and close the gender gap. She was the first woman to hold a national position in the League of United Latin American Citizens that was not created especially for a woman. Learn more about how she empowered women to pursue careers and vote.


Transgender Champion Sylvia Rivera was one of the nation’s first transgender advocates. Rivera gave gender nonconforming individuals a voice within the mainstream gay rights movement. Learn more about how her work on the front lines and dedication to fighting for equality and inclusion inspired action and resilience.

Sylvia Rivera designed graphic


In July, we honored LGBTQ Leader Angela Bowen. After owning a dance studio with her husband for many years, she came out as a lesbian and began a new chapter in her life. Learn more about how she dedicated herself to advocating for equal rights through writing articles and speaking at rallies and marches.


In August, we showcased Audacious Activist Dorothy Height. As a civil rights leader, she dedicated herself to improving the lives of African American women and promoting their involvement in politics to achieve a more inclusive future. Learn more about how she paved the way in merging women’s rights issues with African American rights.


September’s Communicator of the Month is so spectacular, we spotlighted her work in two different calendars! Throughout her career as a politician, Title IX Negotiator Patsy Takemoto Mink worked to eliminate the racial and gender discrimination she faced as a woman of color. Learn more about how she championed the equal rights of women, immigrants and children.


Enlightened Educator Mary McLeod Bethune dedicated her life to advocating for African Americans to receive equal opportunities in school and society. Learn more about her tireless efforts as an educational and political pioneer.


In November, we honored Political Pioneer Shirley Chisholm. After winning a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, she advocated for dozens of pieces of legislation that promoted racial and gender equality and helped low-income individuals. Be sure to read our blog post to learn how she earned her nickname — “Fighting Shirley”! ✊


To round out 12, in December we showcased Fair Wage Warrior Molly Dewson! Whether she was lobbying to establish fair wages or encouraging women’s involvement in politics, she was working toward creating a more inclusive society. Learn more about how her reporting led to the nation’s first minimum wage law. ?

We hope that you enjoyed learning about these inspiring women. To learn about additional individuals who have been featured in our previous calendars, be sure to check out our Communicator of the Month series right here on the blog!

In 2020, our calendar will introduce you to 12 individuals who have impacted social change in the U.S., even when that meant risking their safety to shine a light on important issues. In a time when the war on the news media is ongoing, it’s important not to shy away from asking the hard questions.

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