Communications Planning

Building a campaign without a plan is a little like building a house without a blueprint. It can be done, but you have no idea when the project might fall down around you. Vanguard is your communication “architect.” We have developed planning tools that can guide campaign activities on a daily basis, rather than sitting on a shelf or a server.

That doesn’t mean that we skip the important steps, like audience research and measurement. We know how critical it is to not only understand your audience, but also to check in frequently to ensure your goals are aligning with your resources. Whether you hope to make a difference immediately or sustain long-term change, our communications planning expertise will ensure you have the tools you need to maintain your vision and succeed.

Communications Planning Services

  • Strategic communications plans
  • Communication audits
  • Brand assessment
  • Audience research
  • Media analysis
  • Logic models
  • Audience identification/segmentation
  • Message development
  • Positioning tactics
  • Resource allocation and organization

Client Highlights and Blog Posts

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